Our Services

Cyber Risk Management platform and services, which include threat intelligence, validation of controls, and security program assessments.

Plan and Prepare

A comprehensive cybersecurity posture begins with continuous planning and preparations.

Monitor and Protect

Our products and services are designed to protect the organizations mission critical systems and crown jewels.

Resilient Response

Our global Cyber Incident Response Service assists you in expediting your response to minimise the impact of cyber incidents.

We can help you prepare your environment with our Employee to Executive E2E Cyber Risk Management Framework Development program.

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Plan and Prepare

The “Plan & Prepare”  aspect of CyberEYE’s offerings will also include education, template creation, certification support (ISO etc.) in the near future.

As we move towards the future there is a firm commitment to transform and evolve as required to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Legal and Advisory Service Units will offer distinct yet synergistic guidance on the way forward.

Assess & Audit

Our Advisory Services & Business Excellence Unit will work to coordinate assessments / audits  done by highly skilled practitioners to give you clarity on your Cybersecurity exposures.

Advisory Services

Coordination of Cybersecurity Gap Analysis/ Audits

Support in creating various aspects of a robust Cybersecurity Management System


We work with you to either co-create or revamp your policies/ processes or overall Cybersecurity Management Systems

Legal Services

Collaborative review of contracts and SLA’s for Cybersecurity gaps.

Guidance on IP, NDA’s & compliance with legislative & other frameworks

Consultative services as required.


Our commitment to serve communities and the next generation is integrated into our business model.


As the world faces the impact of increased Cybersecurity exposures, it is imperative that we all became familiar with aspects of the related risks.

At CyberEYE, we have complied some of the key terms used in
the Cybersecurity space so you can refer to them at your

Monitor and Protect

Real time monitoring allows early identification of cyber threats as soon as possible, thereby enabling you to profile and identify organizational assets which are most vulnerable and take the necessary steps to risk mitigation.

Real Time Threat Intelligence
Ai Threat Monitoring
Vulnerability Management
Cloud Threat Monitoring

Resilient Response

Highly trained professionals at our Security Operations Centre (SOC) will monitor your organisation’s security posture 24/7. Our SOC team will detect, identify, and analyse any suspicious behaviours that could cause a security incident through our powerful software platform. We can also facilitate complete monitoring of your data and employees. Our investigations are very detailed and comprehensive, so they can be used as evidence for law enforcement agencies or for insurance or legal cases.

24x7 Response Service

A Security Response Team to respond to security incidents 24×7

Preventative Measures

Strategic initiatives to prevent incidents from becoming breaches


Strategic and operational reporting, based on understanding the present situation and predicting possible future security issues

Incident analysis and investigations
Incident alerting and response
Incident containment

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