CyberEYE is Committed to protecting & empowering the Youths of Today & the Future Leaders of Tomorrow


There was a 400% increase in cybercrimes against children between 2019 and 2020

Globally, children and teenagers are the target of various types of cybercrime.

The Caribbean region is not exempt.

Incidents of phishing, identity theft, cyberbullying, revenge porn, online pedophilia cyber-exploitation and cyber stalking are just some of the exposures faced by our youth.

CyberEYE’s commitment goes beyond our desire to have a successful and sustainable business model.

When the company was formed, we committed to servant leadership and impactful corporate social responsibility. In that light, we have elected to focus on an outreach program at the primary and secondary school levels in T&T, with the intention to eventually expand the initiative across the region.

The “CrossWalk” initiative plays on the concept of pedestrian/zebra crossings being a safe space to traverse in areas where there will always be risk.

CyberEYE’s intent is to contribute to creating safe spaces for children and teenagers to navigate cyberspace despite the risks that continue to be ever present.

We aim to do so by having a suite of offerings that this demographic can draw from to reduce their cyber-related exposures.



CyberChips is the portion of our program geared towards children aged
four to twelve (4 – 12)

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Though not exhaustive, some of the activities we aim to execute upon
under this banner are:

  • Working with the respective Ministries of Education, Private schools,
    Orphanages and other Youth programs to have interactive group
    sessions with the children to raise awareness about cyber risks.
  • Empower children within this age group with child-friendly
    information regarding cyber-related terms, risks and actions to keep
    them safe.
  • Share useful information via various channels to increase their
    knowledge base on the topic of cybersecurity.

  • Introduce games, competitions and other means to engage kids and
    pique their interest in being more “cyber aware”.


CyberChamps is the aspect of our program geared towards teenagers
between the ages of thirteen to eighteen (13 – 18)

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Examples of some of the activities we aim to execute upon under this
banner are:

  • Hosting interactive sessions with youths at the secondary/highschool
    level to discuss the key exposures, behaviours and solutions
    linked to cybercrime and cybersecurity overall.
  • Create “think tanks” and opportunities for persons in this
    demographic to come up with creative ways to address and mitigate
    exposures linked to cyber-related risks
  • Introduce games, competitions, youth forums etc. and other means
    to engage teenagers on this topic in an ongoing manner.


CyberWarriors is our Reward & Recognition aspect of the
CrossWalk initiative.


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In this layer, CyberEYE intends to acknowledge the commitment,
innovation and creativity of those who invest time in the

  • We intend to transparently assess the contributions of persons
    at the CyberChips and CyberChamps levels (this includes
    participating youths, schools, sponsors etc) and have an annual
    award ceremony which highlights the achievements and
    dedication to CrossWalk. There will be no age limit to reward

CyberEYE acknowledges these risks and has committed to a program which seeks to inform, empower and equip the next generation of leaders in relation to Cybersecurity.