We are pleased to share that CyberEye is a sponsor at the Distinguished Leadership Conference taking place tomorrow, 28 March at Hyatt Regency, Trinidad. This will be CyberEye’s first sponsorship conference event since the company launched in December last year. To mark this special milestone, CyberEye has partnered with TT Fine Cocoa company to offer a special branded Grenadine Sea Salt Caramel chocolate bar at their sponsorship booth.

Our Chairman, Angela Lee Loy shared, “We are pleased to collaborate with TT Fine Cocoa for our DLIC sponsorship this year. It’s so important for businesses to collaborate in different ways to promote and support local business. I thoroughly enjoy connecting businesses I work with and advise.”

Angela is on the Board of TT Fine Cocoa and remains focused on connecting businesses and NGOs to deliver shared opportunities. Many businesses often default to ordering branded merchandise online for their marketing efforts but with a little more lead time and planning, there are many opportunities to partner with local suppliers.

Michael Ballmann, business development manager of TT Fine Cocoa Company added, “Our mission at TTFCC is to spread Trinitario cacao across Trinidad and Tobago and beyond. We are grateful for the opportunity by CyberEye showcasing our Sea Salt Caramel dark chocolate bar to delegates at DLIC. We hope that everyone at DLIC will enjoy our chocolate and look forward to future opportunities with CyberEye.”

We hope to see many of you tomorrow at DLIC Conference, Hyatt Regency.

To learn more about TT Fine Cocoa here